I am a documentary photographer based out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where I live with my husband, our two boys, and a people-pleasing Golden Retriever. I also work as a college writing instructor, and when I’m not raising kiddos, creating, or teaching, I’m burrowed away somewhere reading a book or dealing with intense wanderlust.

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Some of the most vivid memories from my early childhood involve the act of storytelling. When I began school, I took quickly to writing, transfixed by the way I could conjure my imagination into words. Photographs piqued my interest in a similar vein, and when I finally got my hands on a camera of my own (a pink and purple LeClic that I won peddling Girl Scout cookies), making photographs became a means to conjure not just my imagination, but my world, into a print that I could hold in my hand.

As an adult, my interest in storytelling led me to major in English, training as a scholar and a writing teacher. As I devoted myself professionally to literary studies, my priorities eventually shifted completely from the act of storytelling to to the act of thinking about storytelling. Life moved quickly. I went to grad school. I got married. I gave birth to my first son. I started — and quit — a doctoral program and gave birth to my second son. But as my career and family life evolved, quietly intersecting with the visual arts, I increasingly turned to photography as another way to think about storytelling and a way to begin creating again. Through images, I tell my own stories, my family’s stories, and stories from the world around me.

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